Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Absent From Blog

Dear reader, since being picked by firey And Magazine to be the Conservative Foreign Policy, I suspended my war blogging. I'll come up with a prediction tally from the blog and Twitter, which I'll be cutting to highlight my rare %100 prediction rating in this raging Cold War China transition economy of international awkwardness under Obama that I've been sporadically glooming and dooming since Summer of 2014. I predict that'll happen within the week.

Monday, 7 December 2015

The Escalation Ceiling

As predicted in early November on Twitter and commented on Wasraw, the FED seems poised to raise rates, in, what some are predicting to be an epic case of arrogance and bluster. The series of escalations to war following Wasraw's early November prediction that anarchy was to visit the West continues.

Reports that 2 months of rigorous Russian bombings reduced the ISIL Oil winnings from 3 to 1.5 Million a day were interrupted.

Turkish F-16s shot down an antique Russia bomber plane and seems to have over-played its position, drawing silence from the West as French President Hollande visited with USA President Obama before traveling to Russia to visit with President Putin.

The Russians and Turks have claimed conflicting trigonometries for the Russian bomber accused of violating Turkish airspace. And media reports did not back up the Turkish position which was criticized by the Russians as being fraudulent.

Typically sanctimonious USA President Obama chose his words carefully, suggesting that Turkey needs to work on sealing its border with Syria. (As TV pundits turned on NATO to point out that Turkey violated Greek airspace hundreds of times in the last year if not thousands)

American weapons their President sold to quote unquote moderate rebels were video-tapped as killing at least two Russians following the downing of the plane.

Russian accusations of Turkish backing of ISIL Oil sales stirs a climate of Holy War following the Paris attacks. Circumspection of World War Three abounds Online as NATO chooses to invite Montenegro into its war chest club.

France closed Mosques following Republican frontrunner Donald Trump's assertions that Americans need to return to the War on Terror with renewed vigor. The FBI has since returned to the television to announce a wide prevalence of jihadist behavior now present in the USA.

The nation of France has called for a state of emergency for some 3 months.

Following the Paris attacks, Brussels closed services momentarily amid high alerts for the European capital and country of Belgium. Belgium has arrested some 7 in the name of fighting Terror after detaining at least some 20. France reportedly has seized some 200 weapons in some 1000 searches.

Following the Paris attacks, Museum attendance in Paris was down some %30.

Notably, the French killed a pair of Terror suspects following their November 13 attacks.

106 sites were raided and some 100 were placed under house arrest.

A series of plane diversions following bomb threats took place.

Gold and Stocks continue to fluctuate wildly as Gold continues down and Stocks remain rather static.

Angela Merkel's popularity has fallen from some %70 in April, 2014, when she called Putin crazy for defending Crimeans and Eastern Europeans, to some %46 following her encouragements to Arabians to come to Germany for Asylum earlier this Fall.

German violence against asylums continues. Swedish violence has turned personal with a sword attack in a Swedish school, killing some three on racial grounds.

Amid an impromptu Russian Submarine search, 2 Million Crimeans were left without power after, reportedly, Ukrainian Right Sector militants combining with Tartars to knock out the power grid connections located in Ukraine.

Western bureaucrats attacked Russia and Russian sportsmen for drug use. Despite the West's best efforts to legitimate the accusations to drop Russia from the upcoming Olympics, these charges were dismissed. But that did not stop Istanbul officials from stripping an amateur marathon runner of her first-place finish simply for being Russian the day before the Russian jet shooting.

Sergei Lavrov puts forth the proposition of a USA lead coalition to seal the border of Turkey.

The USA announced deploying Special Forces to Iraq. (Where there are still some 3,500 troops according to reports)

Some 1,200 Germans are being called to serve in the Mid-East.

250,000 Asylum seekers in two years has caused Sweden to close its borders. 14,000 disappeared.

50,000 Pakistanis are reportedly on their way back to Arabia from the EU despite Pakistan's ability to refuse whomever they wish.

CNN TV anchor Christiane Amanpour doubted the legitimacy of the Polish nation for being, ''Too White.''

Poland comes under fire from the West for refusing refugees and is called right-wing by the Washington Post despite it's Socialist agendas simply for pushing back against Arabian Colonialism.

A Polish boat was seized off the Nigerian coast.

Russia announced it will pull out of Syria if attacked again by Turkey, arming it's bombers with air-to-air missiles.

Visa-free travel was banned to Turkey from Russia. The Turkish-stream gas pipeline has been called into question and Turkish fruits and vegetables are getting banned, amounting, according to some, to some 9 Billion in damages in Turkey.

81 Palestinians have been killed during an onslaught of some 20 random knife attacks in Israel.

The Chinese currency was officially brought into the IMF's basket of reserve currency.

A pair of Arabs – one American citizen and one Immigrant wife – combine to execute some 14 and wound some 20 more in an attack in California that has Liberals abandoning decorum to disarm the Public.

That attack followed an attack on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado that positioned Liberals against Conservatives as Conservatives push to defund Planned Parenthood, which Attorney General Loretta Lynch called a feminine necessity.

The USA has arraigned another 16 FIFA officials for bribery over the game of Soccer.

The Attorney General gave Muslims a special mandate to contact her in abuse grievances. CAIR, the international Muslim advocacy group listed as a Terrorist Organization by some, blamed the State of America for the San Bernardino attacks.

Iraq threatens lawsuit on Turkey should Turkey be found to be funding ISIL Terrorists as Turkey enters Iraqi sovereignty.

British PM Cameron gets ridiculed by embattled Syrian leader Assad, claiming that British sporadic bombing campaigns make everything worse by scattering combatants and steeling resolve.

The next day, Syria claims that Westerners bombed Syrian targets as USA Vice President Joe Biden visited the Ukraine to show solidarity and refuse the backing of Ukraine credit with Russia.

Popular London Mayor Boris Johnson claims that the time to end the Cold War and join Assad and Putin in defeating ISIS is now.

Russian currency is currently down %1.7.

Oil falls again to some $38 from around $40 which it has been hovering around of late. For 4 months it's been hovering at $45 after dropping some %50 around a year ago from over $100.

1057 ~

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Back Fire

As predicted two Wasraw's ago, anarchy continues to speed and hasten the willful suicide of Europe and Western civilization in general as Liberal policies back fire.

The helpless and singularly self-defeating French, with a Fascist Constitution in support of foreign powers governing their cities, were brought, tragically, to fire when some 7 Terrorists bombed a stadium, shot up 3 restaurants and slaughtered hostages one by one at an American music concert.

So far 129 are pronounced dead and some 350 injured.

Wasraw immediately reacted that France must seize Brussels, clamp down on hostile encampments and buttress their return to the world stage with the occupation of Geneva.

News has come to the fore that the armaments came from Belgium. German police reported that they intercepted more armaments meant for Terrorism. At least one attacker succeeded as a hostile alien by pleading to be a disenfranchised Asian African Arab Indian Persian who required European migrant status on some Greek island. Fake Turkish passports have been found. (Of course)

Tragically, a TGV bullet train derailed from Paris to Strasbourg the day after the attacks further revealing a people losing their will, losing their culture. (Some 60 technicians were on board)

An RT announcer revealed that before the attack, London journalists were told to prepare for an attack.

Authorities have attacked cells in Belgium. France's President eschewed the G20 and now oversees a bombing campaign of Raqqa meant to shock and awe.

From Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry parroted Israeli ethic in the face of violence and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov went so far as to call for Nontolerence.

The day before, Beirut lost some 43 civilians.

Domestically, the renown journalism school of Missouri University has been censored and handicapped by the hate group Black Lives Matter that trample on normalcy to raise African race whenever possible to extort and taunt and objectify and abuse working people. The President resigned after the Football Team refused to play BU. A teacher was forced to suspend exams and the Football coach handed in his resignation at the end of the week. At least one disgusted Caucasian student was brought in for making Online threats.

USA President 44 applauded the militant protest.

American Imperialism and resignation from principals or the rule of law is rampant. Multimillion movie star Jennifer Lawrence railed against men only to go on to censor a journalist to ignorantly alienate Christians, unable to grasp even the most basic philosophy of Separation of Church and State and the refusal of coven to rail and emote like a child.

Popular Television actor Bryan Cranston checked in with President 44 as he's playing a noted Hollywood scape-goat and the President must exert his Bully Pulpit at all times. Cranston the following day declared his vote for Hillary Clinton along with, reportedly, a unanimous Dem. insider vote of some 700 delegates as the Party of the Bomb, the Depression, the Holocaust and Secession continued it's redolent tenancies towards its next debate between a wholly corrupt Hillary Clinton and Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Thankfully, the strong rhetorical statements of Billionaire Donald Trump seem to be separating disingenuous media from genuine patriots as he takes in polls a commanding lead, daring Iowan Republicans to separate themselves from the easy-picking self-hating racists that voted for Obama. Earlier in the week his win of ratings from embattled institution of comedy Saturday Night Live shut up a battery of commentators, learning that the show brought in its best ratings in 3 years.
To review, Trump has affected at least half a dozen policy changes from lending his heft to a Ford factory negotiation to bringing the North Korean dictator to a more moderate stance.

Republicans continue to handly beat Hillary Clinton the polls as Liberal celebrities call an early victory for their mascot. (Clinton)

The Yen rose at the beginning of the week to snap a 6 week gaining streak by markets to dip the Dow back into the mid 17,000s and down for the year. Gold spikes continued at the beginning of the weak, continuing on a downward trend.

In Dubai, no one bought airplanes.

Analysts spoke about the possibilities of a global recession as growth had fallen bellow %3. Executives exposed the new economy to be a 4 year job. Round numbers haunted the markets as 1.2 Trillion in volatility was projected as needed to complete the QE from the American side, coming upon the discovery that this year saw 1.2 Trillion in Buyouts.

Luftansa suffered a long, wide-reaching strike, stranding fliers throughout Europe for days as 1000s of flights were cancelled as hundreds of thousands struck.

Ali BaBa's Jack Ma came to the NYSE to scare his price down, promising a wrathful company that will come to America within the year.

Apple's supply chain companies saw real losses down some 2 to %7 as Apple fell 2 on news. Days later, Apple released that it was shuttering Beats Music.

Oil continued down, approaching the promise of 30 Dollar Oil. (Down %8)

Another airplane fell in foggy weather in Akron Ohio into a residential zone as Poland promised to sue Russia for its April 10 2012 Presidential plane crash.

Following the Paris attack, reportedly the Polish government stated it would not be receiving illegal aliens to ease the gout of the Colonial Western European nations.

Anti-Russian sentiment continues in the Imperialist American press, as articles hundreds of words long on Nuclear War are unable, somehow, to address the fact that NATO is illegally using a nuclear shield against Russia.

In propaganda, a governing body recommended that Russia be disqualified from the coming Olympics and, despite a coming ruling from the ruling body, the entire affair has been characterized as a bit of a kangaroo court.
Some pollsters declare that the UK is for pulling out of the European Union following a dispassionate speech from the Prime Minister.

Americans have started interjecting that Europeans need guns and the Pope has declared a World War against Chirstendom.

~ 996

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Anarchist's Delight

As declared previously on Wasraw, anarchy now looms on the world's stage now openly. Bitcoin descended onto a tepid European reaction from estimate-beating American giants, spiking seom %50 its value only to fall again.

Some 400 Cities joined the Nov 5 Guy Fawkes Day Anonymous London Million Mask March.

Wasraw's disgust with Janet Yellen, (Twitter) echoed by Bloomberg anchors coming to the side of Max Keiser, saw by weeks end that there is some %60 chance the Fed will raise rates in December. A Futures rise and strong jobs report of close to 300k for the month of October, Wasraw expects pressure on the Fed to mount.

President Obama made anti-Russian jokes in New York, raising money from the Democratic elite as the world gathered to mourn the Russian jet liner that, slowly, by Western sources, has been said to have been felled by a Terrorist bomb. Over 80k Russians were said to be stranded in Egypt as the Kremlin stopped all service. The Euronews reports 3 Million traveled to Egypt last year. First among tourists followed by Britain. Britain also suspended service.

Signs of the Iron Curtain are beginning to show in earnest. CNN news anchors are taking aim at Russia with antidisestablshmentarianism, calling a Russian Orthodox Church a theater. Bloomberg attributes a Bitcoin rise to new Chinese regulations while R.T. corrects the confused Westerners attributing to a simple and borderline illegal shell game: MMM.

The game of who's closer to China  and wiser and more powerful continues as Europe rebukes American bluster in China. Naturally NATO's Dutch East Indian jealousy of Federation satellites and Russia itself continues as NATO's head Hollander expresses renewed aggressions against the reserved World Power. USA State Department chief spun semantics to state a Marco Rubio R & D position against the possibilities of Russian hegemony. (Military might) The Secretary of State visited the Spratley islands and put his foot so far up his mouth that a Destroyer declared a wish to see him again as he declared new forms of planned warfare with Russia. (The norm)

It seems only Donald Trump can lead the world out of the racist sadism of an arrogant Barack Obama.

USA soft power is starting to rock as their box-office emptied before the James Bond novelty, which has been spun as the end of the Daniel Craig era and the swan-song to the Aryan (Caucasian) male in general. Star Wars controversy continues as the Boycott Star Wars movement seems to be growing with people of Irish descent taking issue with George Lucus's reckless, feckless, elitist appropriation of Irish heritage to make Outer Space exotic. Bloomberg is pricing the next Star Wars at 3 Billion, and, in general, the alienation of the outsider Caucasian male continues in Western culture. Middle-aged Caucasian men in the USA were shown to be dying off mysteriously. (At least 500k) Suicide, the biggest killer of young men in Britain, the Crown takes for granted and so 1 in 4 has a mental illness, echoing the insane %50 statistics of the fixed and feted American Welfare State.

The Bitcoin piracy of the tepid Futures market that litterally lept from the spike of Bitcoin began with double University mass murders and random sniper situation at the San Diego airport. Wasraw is proud to say last week on Twitter it threatened Janet Yellen with complicity to Mass Murder should the Fed not raise rates.

Reporters confirmed in the vacuum of real journalism in print, that Americans get to borrow more when there are such a thing called interest rates. Something the new Obama Liberal Arts grad does not care to understand.

In Germany, protests against Angela Merkel have begun in earnest. Der Spiegel is petrified and warns of the return of organized politics.

In Bologna, Italy protests against the return of Berlusconi in an anti-alien coalition turned violent.

Donald Trump beats back so-called Political Correctness and the Democratic Machine's P.C. mob, taking to the stage on Saturday Night Live. The racist La Raza lobby got lightly satirized in what even Trump-detractors called an unchallenging and safe display of comedy. Something that has become the norm on the Saturday night institution, unable to consistently satirize a horrible President and unable to retain writers without getting its hands bound by the Africa American lobby.

The UN declaration of a Palestinian state has lead to random Terrorist attacks with weapons as Freedom Fighters emboldened by John Kerry's Abolitionist lobby in New York kill Israelis a little over a half century removed from a Holocaust. Arab haughtiness is infamous in America. But the anti-Semitic Obama Presidency of the celebrity class has ravaged and emboldened the Empire of Arabia to let its citizenry slum on Caucasian sequestration.

In Jordan, at a police training sight some 5 were shot and another 5 injured, including 2 dead Americans and, reportedly, two injured.
Storms continue to sweep the Red Sea as the Generation Y world begins to speak on the matter of Global Warming, using the defeatist and Emo Left slang of Climate Change.

The United States primed the world for an air-war with Russia, releasing tapes from the 80s of clash between Fighter Pilots.

Top Gun 2 has been in production for about a year.

Russian State TV refutes seemingly erroneous anti-Russian intel, footing the bill with a new State Department spokesman to walk back accusations against Russian targeting. (A Hospital)

Meanwhile, American authors are crunching internet spying on the Ukraine in some mimicry of woeful President Abraham Lincoln to spin yarns on some conventional war between Russia and the USA as crooked businessmen invest in choiceless American Senators to run for President on an anti-Russian platform.

The Secretary of State prepares the world for war while the President pauses to pretend to take a plane bombing seriously.

The bridge to war is set. A day after R.T. broke that not only the Brits but also the USA President himself believed a bomb was involved over Egypt, the R.T. founder was found dead in a Washington D.C. hotel.

1004 ~

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The New Calm

As predicted two Wasraw's ago, Donald Tusk is taking center stage, upping Solidarity back home in Poland while offering support to the besieged abroad. As predicted on Twitter, the rebounding USA stock market seems to be hinging on Gold with wild swings in a market heading steadily down from a rebound in mid October. As predicted, TV anchors have begun a FED rate hike watch, jeering and demanding a change. (Twitter) And as predicted in September, Europe is beginning to react against the teaming bloodless invasion of Africans. (Twitter)

Domestically, reporters are zeroing in on a faltering Affordable Healthcare Act. Liberal news sites raise the spectre of Civil War over an Australian-styled gun confiscation by the Democratic party. The hacker group Anonymous promises to de-mask KKK members, while a Kentucky judge goes under investigation for wasting tax-payer money on racism.

The Administration makes partizan it's fight with Putin, using arrogance and alienation as a Party of the young, Liberal and ignorant.

Internationally, Zerohedge declares QE to be a failure with words from Mario Draghi that, ''The slowdown is probably not temporary.'' Poland swings right and Turkey follows suit as State Department Chief Kerry voices possibilities from Vienna that European Asylum for Africans might be temporary. On Halloween, shootings mar South Carolina and Colorado. A Russian airliner falls in Egypt and Terror speculation ensues. American reporters catch Facebook colluding with Germany's Angela Merkel to alienate citizens railing against forced cohabitation with African invaders.

On CNN, remedial talking head Christian Amanpour is rebuffed by deposed Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Sikorski on the subject of racial diversity, claiming that Poland isn't looking and does not need a lesson on the mixing of the races. At a Polish Primer League match, onlookers raise a 50 foot banner promising a fight with Islam.

Over the Halloween weekend, 6 Syrians are reported injured as Sweden and Germany continue to go up in flames. In Germany, there have been close to 500 attacks of refugee centers in past year; 2/3s by people with no criminal record. Sweden saw a run of 3 arsons in 6 days and 7 in October with some 20 this year. Clashes are being reported in the streets and incoming boats to Greece are being attacked. Polly Boyko of Russia Today reports a London spike in hate crimes against Muslims.

Swedish giant Volvo reports heavy losses amid a Scandanavian slow-down over Oil prices, QE, etc. And Swedish Foreign Minister declares their State will fail without European support, joining complaints from Slovenia.

As previously guestimated by Wasraw, two weeks ago China revealed its designs on Global Reserve Currency status amid a falling Mexican Peso and Brazilian Real as European stocks rallied to a 2 month high. The S & P is reported to be swinging more than Small Caps for the first time since before 2000. Analysts are unsure on whether to be voicing a Bear Market as people come out of the Wood Work to reject the notion that the Dollar will soon be fading as a Global Reserve. Europeans are sceptical of American stock dominance and history has shown that a country that loses it's borders as profoundly as USA or Europe can quickly lose it's economic dominance.

In early October, Russia was said to have violated Turkish Air Space moving armaments to Syria. USA called on Greece to deny access to Syria to the Russias. During recently ended Turkish elections, the country admitted to bombing USA-backed Kurds. In October alone, the Russians flew as many missions against I.S. as the NATO forces in a year. Still, anti-Russia rhetoric continues in the media as NATO stages two kinds games in the Baltic and in Western Europe while escorting Russian jets away from a USA ship in International Waters in the Pacific. War is building in the Caucuses. Flights between the Ukraine and Russia were just canceled, ending or complicating the sojourn of up to half a million Russians a year. Russia claims Europe is functioning under it's own Nuclear Shield. Finland and Sweden begin cooperation in the Baltic. And days after claiming that Russians were bombing groups backed by the USA, USA sends some 50 troops to Syria and then reveals it's sending dog-fighters into Syria.

People in defense who in the Summer were cavalier about the prospects of war, are cautious now to discount it even before the entry of the F-15s into the Syrian theater.

Mariupol scraped an election and begins again as the bloody-thirsty press of the United States drops the issue of Ukraine to focus on more war, more mayhem, more American hegemony before they lose their bully in the White House – Barack Obama.

Following the great investment into China and the spectacular rise of Gold, Alix Steel reports the easy Commodities bet is to short Oil and invest in Zinc. Despite America's wish to convert to a Japanese styled economy of debt and services, analysts recall times when Europe continued to ease while America ended State-backed wealth. In early October, the IMF warned that rate hikes were not possible as the Ausies engineered their own with a rise in Gold and volatility amid a USA Blue Chip rise.

The Dow is almost back to 18,000.

China announces an end to it's single child policy and Bloomberg asks an Indian if it's time for India to adopt a single child policy.

France and China agree that States must reaffirm their position against Climate Change every 5 years before the Global Warming convention to be held in France at the end of the year.

Global Warming fears are beginning to grip the press as Republicans report a %6 rise in faith in the phenomenon from %40 to %46. Access to food in the future is being questioned. An early October Cold Snap promising a strong El Nino resulted in the worst Hurricane in Western Hemisphere history (Hurricane Patricia) along with the severe flooding and weather in Texas that most would expect from the extreme weather scenarios that meteorologists have been predicting for years. At least three Super Typhoons in the Pacific warned and wrecked havoc as far North as Russia, inundating Japan in mid-October.

Saudi Arabia just flooded due to sleet.

1032 ~

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


As predicted by the last Warsaw Was Raw, Italian interests abroad were attacked. As predicted, Americans are bringing Anchor Baby legislation to the fore. As stated, the dreaded ''Lottery,'' wasn't in early July; the Dow quickly rebounded and flirted with 18,000 for sometime throughout July. Gold, however, spent a month falling a hundred Dollars as the markets seemed to rebound from early July woos to fall and finally tank in late August. As predicted on Twitter, September came early, and, as predicted, the DOW fell a few thousand off yearly highs in the scope of a couple of days.

American journalists, attempting to do their protest best, began ridiculing Gold near the end of August only to see their beloved Imperialist stocks pit.

Still, Americans seem to be rising to the occasion of dealing with their addiction to modern slavery. Their illegal alien problem of outsourcing manual labor to undocumented South Americans is getting a champion in businessman and Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Trump, destroyed by the skiddish and increasingly inflammatory and remedial coastal media elite, has, as he predicted, more than doubled Mitt Romney's connection with Africans while receiving more than %30 of the Hispanic and %40 of the Asian vote. (USASurvey) While many would point out that there was a high amount of undecideds, Californians are coming out of the wood-work to speak out against so-called sanctuary cities.

The Republic is splintering. Coastal cities, enacting American populism, are effectively declaring cultural and economic warfare on their fellow Americans to out-source labor across many states to continue paranoid and racist busing polices that would make Hitler and his psychology department proud. Accepting foreign nationals to rig markets and kill Americans with speech laws, counter intelligence and invisible slavery is wrong and illegal.

America is limping out of the Administration's Jade Helm exercises. Cities across the South stand in solidarity to honor the American Civil War with Confederate flags: disingenuously outlawed by the Supreme Court from Texas License Plates and finally taken down from South Carolina over the Dylann Roof affair. Repression and willful misinterpretation of history runs as rampant as revisionism in this virulently imperialist Administration. The gangism stoked by President 44 seems to be turning into miltiaism as cities focus on stragedies like banning the word Dixie from the Highway. Children continue to make mince-meat of man's peace by being allowed to play in the street to bait racists – suspected everywhere in Obama's America. The Administration itself couldn't bring itself to lower flags after the mass-killing of Marines. The logic, of course, is that it would halt the push against armament. Which continues behind closed doors as Hawaii destroys half a million Dollars worth of arms rather than see it in the hands of it's citizens. Citizens that openly guarded Marines after the mass murder as militias. America's biggest department stores put a hold on selling assault weapons. Meanwhile, two journalists were killed on TV by a deranged co-worker who assassinated them in cold blood and uploaded the video of the honor killing to Facebook as part of his stand against racism.

Should the Democratic Party take the White House and the culture of Communism continue to infect the minds of young urban fascists, thinking that there is a such a thing as a civil right in an industrialized society, the stupidest generation to ever graduate to College will spawn ever greater numbers of the vain and solipsistic, ready to protest, speech-act and burn and pillage as Pop culture Democratic Party stooges bomb foreign powers with robots to control Oil as they pretend to care about Global Warming.

Europe, needless to say, is puddy in the Administration's USA Foreign Policy talking points, allowing Germany to continue to endanger the stability of the EU by goading hundreds of thousands from Arabia in what some are calling the beginning of World War Three. Arabia, on the other hand, refuses to help it's own as India continues to burn Eden and declare Islamic war on ISIS while China gets off some 40 years of One Child policy to take the reigns of the global pension slush-fund: the markets.

China continues to dominate the day to day future of the American Wellfare State. Today, August 8th after a closed week in China to commemorate the 70th anniversary of World War II, and after Labor Day Weekend, markets rebounded a percentage point after late surges in China.

But as Bloomberg anchors have been stating for the last few weeks, markets are in Bear territory. The Vix hit all time records for volatility in a fearful down week without China. (Which just killed the world's biggest Futures Market)

Planes continue to fall from the sky. The Airforce, it seems, needs more math. Days after another plane downed in S.E.A., a British Airshow explodes on a highway, killing 7. As stated previously on Warsaw Was Raw, this reporter holds American bullheadness Online for a poor use of power and EMP to manage Oil supplies. During the British Airshow tragedy, this reporter was flagged down by 3 Estonian Airforce who showed mathematical interest in American's inability to get the math of Don Mattingly into the Hall of Fame. (A mathematical problem)

Some 6 months removed from a Polish Law Professor's prediction that Americans would soon be losing interest in the Ukraine, The Washington Post called Putin the winner of his own war, disagreeing with State Propaganda from the Crown and the Federation to declare that Putin took Crimea. Ukrainians kicked the Russian ambassador out of Kiev and Russia reciprocated.

Poroshenko continues to try to manage his way out of this crisis rather than give speeches and gave a statement that the Minsk agreements are finally being upheld.

The world holds it's breath as insane, Imperial Communist Barack Obama is finally on the way out, and a new Administration is expected to speak sense and not racist polling numbers out of notoriously guilt-ridden and self-hating America. But Russia needs to help stabilize Syria and the Administration's bullwark of Democrat TV Anchors will not allow Syrians a government or an end to war, refusing to give USA military the out to support Syria's government over, say, confederated radicals.

Chinese industrial plants went up in smoke killing close to a hundred firemen in the middle of August as China proceeded with their Hawkish Anti-American (According to the Administration) policy of devaluing their currency.

Media outlets are allowed to parade an Atlantic with less Hurricanes as Poland bakes, the Levant gets unseasonal sands, Texas floods and fries and Californians are set to celebrate record mudslides as a strong El Nino builds in the Pacific with three Hurricanes circling, freakishly, in the Pacific.

Obama has waged no war on Global Warming. There have been no mandates. No One Child edicts. No blackouts. He went to India and paid them ten billion Dollars to build motor bikes, resulting in an Air Craft Carrier.

The war on Caucasia must end. The post-industrial era must get a chance in the world. Allowing multi-lingual pastoral empires to dig into industry to pad Kyoto numbers is beyond criminal. It's stupid.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

About Face

As predicted on Warsaw Was Raw, USA President 44 has begun to directly address Russian Federation President Putin with words of overt confrontation and aggression when last see drinking Austria beer at the G7. (President 44)

Months removed from rubbing elbows with euphoric Italian Prime Minister, Obama continues to get away with poor statesmanship and clear Manifest Destiny Caucasian persecution rhetoric.

The graceful and popular Federation President has made in-roads with the mercurial and sick Asian block of Europe but often is confronted with inebriated public relations from individual heads of state and has yet to pull the Enlightened Pole card of Donald Tusk, which should happen before open war is truly apparent in Surreal Hashtags across Twitter and Apple's fire-walled Instagram that probably just raided Amazon's Billion Dollar hedge on literacy in English.

Allen and Company's Sun Valley Mogul Fest just happened after all and now Amazon has a friendly app to let the reader decide if their search engine agrees with their purchase or not.

Another Gay Mob protest out of the Foodies in New York. (Seriously)

Chinese stocks have tumbled since Warsaw Was Raw was blessed to point out the eery Zerohedge premonition that the abstract painting of Chinese production might week out of Japanese G7 capital injections.

But have no fear Foreign Policy and Economics saints, the lottery hasn't quite showed up yet.

President 44 Barack Obama is under assailment as his one-time Homeland Security chief is facing one union of New York State judges as another union of New York State Judges blocks the Federal registering of the Washington D.C. Redskins Football team.

South Carolina has finished taking the Confederate flag down today and today Bloomberg, independent Bloomberg, was kind enough to announce that a State Senator was supposedly killed in the June 23, 2015 Charleston action that supposedly has set off a string of fires in African Speaking Churches. But who believes Georgia anyway since they fleeced Atlanta over a stadium?

America isn't segrated enough. Bottom line. There aren't a lot of friendly interchanges. African overlords continue their econonmic-fleecing of investors who don't get they haven't had a brand since Africans started throwing punches at Orientals during the PanAm games.

Africans are enjoying the booms of the circus and Caucasians are at %50 threshold nation-wide, losing century-old water rights in California as American Indians continue violent, open, funded secessionist actions across the country and especially in California.

Silver trading has been suspended in this week. Last week Gold trading was suspended. Are we entering a flash-crash phase in modern history?

Well the pirate-utopians running the New York Observer and Motherboard, protecting a hacker's ball of haphazard time to fly are doubling down on power by protecting baseball hacks.

Baseball? The most complicated statistic game of writers, etc. You've probably heard of it.

On June 26, Don Mattingly was passed over by the powers that be in the Hall of Fame of Cooperstown and now will have to rely on writers with power to fix not only the State of Internet in the world and Oil and Tourism and Covert Affairs and Hacking, but literacy itself and quite possibly sanity and order over, unfortunately, British anarchy without any canyons, revolvers, horses or anything remotely romantic: decay and death and Nuclear Holocaust.

Sorta like what Greece is now getting thanks to the White House and its inept Foreign Policy that talks global population growth amid mass extinctions and speaks at a remedial level to keep on message – hope.

That must be Lower School hope. Before kids learn in Middle School that the world is serious with serious, serious problems.

Let the record show that Women's Circus has taken down the most watched Soccer game ever – at 25million – {Worldwide or USA?} – who cares?

The President is using Feminism as Nuclear War. I have seen exactly no women doubt and stand against the war-mongering of this man that might not make the end of his second term – as has been warned way before his failure of Oath of Office by playful, patient and most of all, patriotic, Americans.

Early this week, the IMF reportedly paid 1.7B$ to a Saudi-affiliated, young, black-clad, smiling and thin Ukrainian Police-department that, thanks be to God, will no longer collect bribes, as was reported by indolent Americans on safari on the other side of the Polish border probably during FIFA.

Surely the NYSE, Zerohedge and Bloomberg Warsaw TV hack of June 8, 2015 was just pricing the $ to the ruble through Ukrianian Police Power. (That's all)

Who cares? The Global Terrorist Movment of Okkupy Wall Street has not gone away as the press is now starting to report in tandem with Baseball hacking scandals. It is taking over. Providing more excuses and more randomness for the Indian Empire of Barack Obama and his assaults on Free Speech, the Constitution, having, much to their embarrassment, to actually write Police laws against publishing threats against the law. What a precedent! (For the hacker)

This lawyer is a moron.

Meanwhile, the IMF cuts its forecast for the USA to 2 from 3 of percents.

Oil services are up %2 of late, marking a continued fall in Crude. A couple of rigs were added a week or two ago.

An F-16 reportedly collided with a Ce(s)sna over South Carolina yesterday or who knows when.

Confederate flags are going up in counties as NASCAR stands behind the right to understand history, bulling, mass migrations, anarchy, and adulthood. (If not war) {Combat and staged discussions over economic mandates to risk anarchy.} [But since when as anyone African ever died for a Caucasian?]


The governor of Kansas informed the masses that he cannot wage war on citizens if they refuse to service to same-sexers because of religion. (1st Amendment) {To the Constitution the paper of the... Confederate Flag.}

The Administration is now waging a war on Churches and is dead-set on going down to be one of the worst White House residents in some 240 years of Commanding-in-Chief.

Their successor is another Federalist New Yorker already restarting her husband's war on weapons. Lord knows what deflationary structure of advertizing and gadgets that people don't need the Clintons will call on to appease the masses, but that is certainly what will happen should she be elected before war.

She shouldn't be electable. She's already served as Mrs. President twice. (Tough break) {Wah.}

America needs a Voting Card; a paper ballot; a new Supreme Court and an honest war with South America. (You now? Big and bloodless and bloody embarrassing)

It never has recovered from losing the migrant economy.

Anchor baby legislation, though unfair, is also fair. It is foreign capitalism and foreign direct investment in elections. (Illegal)

On TV, the young Turks are pushing for a 28th Amendment to knock corporations out of funding. (Big surprise) {Unamerican legislation as far as I'm concerned.}

This will complete the ruination of America. (See above) {And remember that America now shares its issues and language with a global Tourist class.}

It all started with divorce and the drunken, cowardly 50s of Eisenhower that couldn't clean the ranks at home while slaughter the over-populated abroad.

Chinese markets, especially Shanghai, has been at 2k for at least 5 years. They began booming about a year ago (Decemeber) a year removed from Westerners rollout of a consumer-driven China with 20million empty apartments that could drive %6 growth for decades according to a CNN televised commentator.

It hit 5k this June and dropped to bellow 4 just last week or so before rebounding vigorously today.

The meteoric Shenzhen has been dropping too. (Reference at Zerohedge to see where this crash might have come from) It, in March, began climbing from 1,500, hitting 3,100 in early June.

It's bellow 2k now and rebouding.


The drop has come in tandem with Gold falling from 1,200 levels to 1,140s before rebounding the treed 20 today that Warsaw Was Raw predicted on Breitbart boards in early September 2014. (A week before Gold hit its $20 rise)

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